Founded in 1970, Scan-Speak still resides at our original address in Videbaek, Denmark. Located in the heart of the Jutland peninsula, our acoustic engineers adhere to our legendary policy of "Never compromise". We never compromise on our product quality, sound quality or pursuit of perfection in a given application. We set the loudspeaker industry's gold standard for audiophiles, and are constantly viewed as a market benchmark by other high-end speaker manufacturers. For close to 40 years, Scan-Speak has been on a quest to create transducers that reveal the finest details in recordings, concealing nothing from the listener. This quest has resulted in several revolutionary inventions, where distortion in the magnet systems and the moving parts of the speaker is minimised. Our philosophy is simple: the emitted sound must be dynamic, giving a transient response and providing tonal balance. Scan-Speak transducers have righteously been called "the best that money can buy", and we agree fully. All our transducers are hand-built with the utmost attention to quality at their core. Their prices reflect this, providing solutions targeted towards high-end audiophile applications. Needless to say, Scan-Speak is dedicated to proving an unwavering high-quality in manufacturing.

In the year 1984 the Backes & Müller production-engineer Bernhard Thiel invented a process to produce very thin sheets of extremely hard corundum (Al2O3), also known as saphire. This patented procedure allowed the manufacturing of very stiff, light weighted and highly damped loudspeaker calottes. This new and very hard material facilitates loudspeaker drivers with broader bandwith, lower distortion and a purer sound than ever before possible. At first, these ceramic drivers were produced exclusively for new Backes & Müller products, but a few years later Bernhard Thiel stepped out of B&M and founded his own company, the original Thiel GmbH in Homburg, Germany. His loudspeaker units - only tweeters and midranges at this time - were distributed quickly in the audiophile world and gained a very high reputation for their sonic virtues. Very soon, these drivers were used in many of the - top of the line - high end loudspeaker boxes of today’s world.
Backes & Müller, still being the main customer for Bernhard Thiel, went out of business in the year 1992. This - of course - presented some major problems for the young Thiel GmbH. So Bernhard Thiel started looking for a partner to take care of the economical side of business. This partner was found in Adrian Bankewitz, at this time european distributor of Accuton products and long time friend of Bernhard Thiel. He bought the assets of the old Thiel GmbH and put together the production and distribution channels and the new Thiel & Partner GmbH of today was born. Since those early days, Accuton has experienced a continuous growth and expansion. Some of the milestones are:
1996 - design of the first bass units with ceramic dome
1999 - invention of the diamond tweeter membrane and patent application
2000 - Accuton becomes a registered trademark
2009 - design of the sandwich cone

Company review: Stereo 2010

The moving coil loudspeaker is by far the dominant electroacoustic transducer. SEAS design and produce from high end quality parts, using complicated procedures and incorporating a highly skilled workforce to satisfy even the most critical listeners.  

At SEAS, we take pride in working according to the highest standard.  We put a lot of effort into designing speakers, using materials and techniques which give the best audible results.  Many critical parts are produced in-house; some by special purpose machinery designed and built by SEAS.

A by-product of this approach is that we are quite flexible in complying with the changing demands of our customers.


Quality is the key word in every aspect of our activity.  We closely monitor the quality of the parts and materials which we purchase, as well as the parts and operations made in-house.  We use sophisticated equipment and highly trained and experienced personnel to check that our finished products meet their specifications.

Built from the foundation of a company with decades of manufacturing experience and partnered with an engineering consultancy touted for their revolutionary designs. SB Acoustics was formed to bring an alternative to the high-end transducer market.

Danish transducer engineering is acknowledged to be the world’s best. From the earliest days of speaker design, Denmark has been the leader in high performance products. Peerless heritage is rooted in a long history of Danish speaker technology. Peerless, Tymphany’s world-renowned brand of transducers, was founded in Denmark in 1926. Peerless quickly became known as one of the foremost producers of speakers for the newly emerging radio market. Soon after with the advent of television, Peerless again led the way in sound quality. For over 80 years, Peerless has been designing and producing market leading components for the loudspeaker industry.

Immediately after Alexander Graham Bell carried out the first transmission of stereo sound in 1933, Mr. N. C. Madsen founded Vifa. Before long, his strong technical knowledge and creative ability propelled Vifa engineering to the top of the emerging Hi-Fi industry. A skilled engineer, N. C. Madsen also expressed a profound love of music, which he gladly shared with his customers. From the beginning, Vifa has endeavoured to develop and manufacture products capable of delivering accurate musical sound reproduction. Throughout its 70-year history, Vifa has held true to its promise of offering high quality, advanced audio solutions to the Hi-Fi industry. Still today, pure sound is the company’s ultimate goal. Vifa technology is utilized by more than 300 of today’s leading companies, and Vifa sound reproduction can be experienced in every corner of the world. In fact, chances are that you have experienced Vifa sound quality without having been aware of it.

Recognized worldwide for audio drivers and loudspeakers that deliver some of the finest music reproduction available. The quest for more Meir Mordechai founded Morel in 1975, inspired by his love of music and motivated by a dream — to create the perfect loudspeaker. His life-long quest has resulted in successive generations of speakers and audio drivers that consistently set new standards for superb sound quality. The Morel brand, derived from Mordechai Electro-acoustics, has become an annual recipient of “Best of” awards for home and mobile sound reproduction.
Renowned for innovative technology and design Over the years, Morel has developed an enviable reputation for technological innovation and design excellence. Morel drivers, including tweeters, midrange, and woofers are utilized in some of the most demanding, high-end products around the globe. Morel products and sound systems are sold in the home hi-fi, home theater, and mobile audio markets in more than 55 countries worldwide. Morel’s subsidiary, Morel America, was founded in 2004. Beyond technology — the human touch Producing loudspeakers that deliver that magical feeling requires more than just advanced technology or the latest industrial tools. To reach the zenith of the listening experience, the human touch is an absolute necessity. Each Morel product is assembled by hand and extensively tested — undergoing seven different quality tests — to ensure that it meets the highest standards. The personal knowledge and proprietary know-how, gained by Morel’s dedicated team over three decades of experimenting with sound, permeate all its products. Morel’s investment translates into customer value In-house design, R&D, and manufacturing under one roof enable Morel to deliver unprecedented quality at competitive prices. Unlimited by design constraints and boosted by years of experience in manufacturing its own drive units, Morel can offer the latest acoustic technologies which provide a lifetime of esthetic and listening pleasure for our customers. Redefining the home audio experience Morel’s range of home audio systems combines sonic performance with design excellence. Every Morel product carries the Morel stamp of quality: a distinctive blend of technological innovation, daring design, and superb sound. Morel systems make a statement about lifestyle choices: some designs are so unique they are considered masterpieces in their own right, while others blend smoothly into the background, relying on their excellent sound quality to make their presence felt. Morel: over 30 years of sound innovation Morel continues to break new ground in sound reproduction. Leading press associations and media have recognized Morel’s technology leadership and design innovation, including numerous awards for its home and mobile audio systems.

Fountek Electronics is a new company. Develop and manufacture high quality ribbon drivers for audio world.
Fountek owns full intellectual property to product lines.
April, 2003 Fountek founded in Shanghai China.
JP3.0 ribbon transducer released in June, 2003.
JP2.0 ribbon transducer released in October, 2003.
Fountek NeoCD series ribbon tweeters developed in June, 2004. NeoCD line ribbons keeping high performance also improved reliability.
Fountek Electronics move to new address in September, 2004.
NeoPro5i released in October, 2004. Its a high power, high efficiency ribbon transducer. It's good choice of high quality professional audio appliance.

Danish Audio ConnecT A/S (DACT) is a privately owned Danish limited company founded in 1995.  DACT works exclusively in the field of high end audio and is serving a significant portion of the international audio DIY market, the most demanding consumers, and an exclusive niche of high end audio equipment manufacturers that target the most critical hi-fi and pro-audio enthusiasts. Back in 1995, the first DACT product was the well-know CT1 and later CT2 stepped attenuator, which still today remain the single most recognized state-of-the-art audio volume control.
Other DACT products that have obtained fame as world class products are the CT100 phono stage module, the CT101 line stage module, and then CT102 audio power supply. All DACT products are aiming at best possible audio performance without accepting any compromises. A special "DACT sound" does not exist, which is the whole philosophy behind the company and its products. DACT products are designed for not adding to or changing the sound signals that are lead through them. The most common way DACT products are characterized is by "extremely low distortion, very large band width, undetectable self noise", etc. DACT is a company operated by dedicated people, serving dedicated people. For us who enjoy music without accepting compromises.

Dayton Audio exciters are compact devices that attach to surfaces and vibrate them mechanically. The vibrations translate into auditory information; the result is surprisingly musical and accurate. Try a few on doors, ceiling panels, windows, projection screens—whatever excites you!

History of Scan-Speak, Vifa and Peerless:

1926: Peerless was founded in Denmark
1933: Vifa established in Denmark by N. C. Madsen
1947: Vifa supplies OEM drive units to Danish companies
1965: Manufacturing facility doubles in size
1970: Scan-Speak founded in Denmark
1973: Symmetric Drive (SD) patented
1989: Scan-Speak acquired by Videbaek Hoejttalerfabrik A/S
1992: Next generation Symmetric Drive (SD-1) patented
1994: Non Resonant Suspension Coupling (NRSC) patented
1995: Vifa acquires shares in Peerless Fabrikkerne A/S, Denmark
1999: Vifa and Scan-Speak merge to form Vifa/Scan-Speak A/S
2000: Danish Sound Technology A/S merges Vifa, Peerless and Scan-Speak activities
2005: Vifa/Scan-Speak A/S (now named Danish Sound Technology) acquired by Tymphany Corporation
2008: Asymmetric Cone, Magnet Assembly and Dual/Multi Cone patented
2009: Scan-Speak acquired  by management (Danish owned)