Our Ellipticor family is growing

Gepubliceerd op 20 november 2020 om 12:43

Our Ellipticor family is growing ….  38WE/8582T00 – 38 cm (15”) woofer - a new BIG brother is born.

With the Ellipticor family we have broken away from the traditional circular motor structures and resolved their inherent breakup behavior. Perhaps not surprisingly judging by the name, Ellipticor’s key features are an elliptical shaped voice coil and magnet gap. Combined with our powerful SD AirCirc principle the Ellipticor transducers have high sensitivity, very low distortion, and have an extremely fast response to transients. In particular, the sonic performance of the midrange and treble is outstanding. The sound is clean, transparent and has amazing transient behavior.

There is absolutely nothing that´s introverted about these drivers.

Above all a TRUE TO LIVE sound makes Ellipticors among the very best loudspeaker transducers on the market!

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